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My friend was dying and I knew it. She didn’t tell me, because it was too painful to let herself say the words, but I knew. She was grateful that our friendship was one that left her free to share or be silent and it was OK. I am ever grateful to Janet for the gift she gave me in her passing, because it was my wish that there was something, or anything, that could help her that attracted me to Margaret Ruby’s Possibilities Techniques and...

The Journey Began

with my first class a month after Janet died. But the idea that a limiting belief system can be changed so that the body can heal itself and replace cells in new and pristine condition lives on in her memory for me.

I had my first encounter with the energy of crystals several years prior to Janet’s death from another friend who showed me her crystal collection. To me, at that time they were just rocks, until I picked up her piece of Brazilian pink kunzite. I was immediately filled with a powerful sense of well being, calmness, and peace. I put it down and picked it up several times and each time the feeling returned. Nancy looked up the aspects of kunzite and found that it is a heart energy crystal. After that I began acquiring crystals that I was attracted to. When Margaret sponsored a class taught by a master crystal healer from England, who also teaches Margaret’s work, I knew I needed to take the class to see how I could put my collection to use.

The EPFX/SCIO was introduced to me by a fellow classmate from Margaret’s class. Teresa demonstrated her device and I was intrigued enough by its potential to want to try some sessions on myself. I saw that while each modality can be used separately depending on what a client is drawn to, they can also be combined. Teresa also introduced me to Young Living essential oils, which I use in my office.

I came upon BioPro when I was invited to participate in a trade show and demonstrate the EPFX/SCIO for a lecturer who talked about quantum technology. In addition to the EPFX/SCIO, Dr. Noah also talked about BioPro and his booth had some BioPro consultants there as well. I could see that this product was a good fit with all of the other things I was doing because the EPFX/SCIO does measure the body’s resonance to the types of stressors that BioPro addresses. I have these tools for you to

Start Your Journey to Optimal Health!

Healing Pioneer, Chalyce Macoskey

Chalyce is a leading expert and pioneer on using essential oils and nutrition for Steven Johnsons Syndrome. For the past year and a half she has researched extensively on how nutrition and the use of essential oils make drastic improvement with MRSA, Steven Johnsons Syndrome and antibiotic resistant infections. It is Chalyce's belief that now is the time to be proactive and learn how to use non-traditional remedies for families and individuals to become healthy and free of sickness and disease.

to read Barbara's story of her battle with SJS/TEN

Barbara Murphy ~ Guest on The Dr. Pat Show

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The Secret to "The Secret"
The movie "The Secret" is about The Law of Attraction, but it doesn't really tell you how to use it. Some people work with this law very easily and others have trouble bringing in what they truly want in their lives. You must believe it to see it and therein lies the problem. We all have beliefs deep within that get in our way and trip us up from getting those things we truly want out of life. It's that little "yeah, right" thought that is barely discernable that negates the intention and keeps us from having abundance in all things in life -- health, wealth, relationships and anything else our hearts desire. We also have beliefs that have been handed down to us from our lineage through our DNA. The "treasure map" to "The Secret" lies within clearing these old belief systems that aren't serving us. I have been using tools to clear my own belief systems that aren't serving me using Margaret Ruby's Possibilities Techniques. I am part of her Apprenticeship Group on my way to becoming a grand master in her work. I also do this work as part of my business. These tools are awesome!! [More]

Margaret teaches live classes, gives free talks, does interviews, and has written a book called "The DNA of Healing". The book is a good introduction to her work and has a five step healing process included in it to start the reader on the path to clearing old beliefs that aren't serving. Margaret's foundation certificated class is the "EIP (Eliminating Interference Patterns of DNA)" Class. The book is a condensed version of what we learned in this class. Her Masters level classes include "Holographic Healing: Past, Present, Future", "Rapid Healing: The Mathematical Reconstruction of DNA", and "Universal Relationships" classes. She also has another uncertificated class called "Ancient Secrets of Manifestation". In addition, she is launching a telecourse on the EIP  class so that students will be able to learn these tools in the comfort of their own homes rather than traveling or waiting for a class in their own area. [More]
If you would like to work with me using these techniques, please see my Contact page and call for an appointment.

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