Universal Relationships: Creating Sanctuary, Aliveness & Equal Energy in All Relationships
Determine what the driving force is behind your partnership. Your relationship could be based on beliefs handed down through your linage or driven by a subconscious fear. Love is the key to all partnerships, but love is an emotion that can become distorted and fractured as it filters through our cultural, ethnic and mass conscious beliefs. Because of this fractured love, we give parts of ourselves away and parts of us have died: our playfulness, spontaneity and aliveness. We do not know how to have a relationship with ourselves, and we are in pain. Pain brings resistance, withdrawal, avoidance, and denial.  This technique creates a safe place to discover the wonder of you and the uniqueness of your partner. It can be used for the resolution of conflict with any partner, including your primary relationship, family, friends, fellow workers, or even to create a supportive business environment. This technique can also be applied to improving your relationship with yourself, your money or abundance, as well as your health.
Are your partnerships a reflection of your external wants or your internal subconscious? Margaret Ruby once again has created a safe environment to explore relationships and our needs. Discover what it takes to develop successful relationships.
Relationships begin with enchantment, where you see your partner for their uniqueness and everything is perfect. You will then move through the false perception of fantasy and then on to the pain of disillusionment. It is at the stage of disillusionment that most people will end their relationships, without knowing how to move on to discover the balance of equal energy and on through the remaining stages to reach empowerment, where you recognize and honor the uniqueness of each other.

You will discover what to do to move your relationships through the seven stages of every partnership and how to make changes in the limiting scripts you have been carrying in your subconscious mind. You will also address ways to remove the patterns and manipulation rituals, enabling you to elevate your relationships to a new level of intimacy and fulfillment.

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