Possibilities Vibrational Healing Techniques

Based on quantum physics, these techniques use the power of numbers, intention, and imagination to help you release your body’s ability to heal itself by unlocking the stories stored within the genes and reprogramming the genetic memory within the cells that affect the way you think, feel, and react as well as your health, abundance, and relationships. Replace subconscious genetic memories that are no longer serving you with ones that will have a positive impact on your life.

The following excepts are used with the permission of Margaret Ruby and can be found on her website.

Energy Interference Patterns of DNA (EIP)

Identify and release limiting belief systems that are blocking your life and your health. more

Holographic Healing of Ancestral DNA: Past, Present, Future (HH)

Looking at your personal genetic makeup to enhance, improve, or change your genetic makeup and the link to behavior traits such as anger, anxiety, grief, sadness, and happiness. more

Rapid Healing: The Mathematical Reconstruction of DNA (RH)

Uses the universal language of numbers for healing. It works in synchronicity with the EIP and DNA techniques. It can also be combined with other healing modalities to increase the healing effectiveness. more

Universal Relationships: Creating Sanctuary, Aliveness & Equal Energy in All Relationships (UR)

Identify and release strategies that are blocking you from having the great relationships you want with self, business or job, primary partnership, family, friends, and fellow workers. more

Also Offered:

12 Strand DNA Activation; Axiatonal Activation; Abundance Gene Activation, Enchantment Gene Activation.

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