Rapid Healing: The Mathematical Reconstruction of DNA

This rapid healing technique is fast and could be called instant healing or instant pain release. This energetic technique interacts with the nervous system, the lymphatic system, circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system, all the major organs and glands, and the spine. It can be used to pinpoint the exact cause and then release physical pain. The results have been phenomenal!!! This technique also works instantly with animals.

Rapid Healing for the New Millennium deals with the cause of a disturbance or sickness. It simultaneously heals the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual body. Because of its great power of healing, it is effective in the prevention and cure of many diseases and elimination of pain. Working in synchronicity with the EIP of DNA and Holographic Healing of Ancestral DNA techniques, it takes both techniques to the next level of healing. When all three techniques are linked together, the healing capacities take you beyond third dimensional thinking and the healing results are profound.

The Activation of The Evolved Soul

This Technique clears the patterning of the “Evolved Cell” System and activates the “Evolved Soul” or Lightbody Expansion. This activation helps the physical body move into a less dense form and a higher vibration.

The Evolved Cell is a communication system between the Master Cell (in the Pineal Gland), the Central Column (the Spinal Column, Spinal Cord, and Central Nervous System) and the Creator Cell (at the base of the spine). Much like the double helix in DNA, there is a double helix down the Central Column, which is referred to as the “Memory Bank” of the Evolved Cell. Information is held in the central column, just as it is held within the rungs of the genetic DNA ladder. Memories of past and present 3rd dimensional beliefs are stored within the Evolved Cell System. As old memories and beliefs are released, the Evolved Cell System is activated.

Activation of the Evolved Cell System takes place as light, spiraling clockwise, enters our crown chakra, first activating the Master Cell, then spiraling down through the center of the spine and activating the Creator Cell at the base of the spine. The energy continues to spiral down deep into Mother Earth and returns up through the body into the Solar Plexus, to complete Evolved Cell Activation. Once activated, the light energy is free to move out of the Solar Plexus and spiral up into the heart center, where the evolved soul is activated. This technique  is used to release all blockages held within the Evolved Cell system.

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