My Story of My Battle with SJS/TEN

Having had an allergic reaction to Synthroid in early January, but not knowing what I was dealing with, I used what I knew and the tools I had in my skill set to support my body's journey through this not too pleasant experience. I could see the path I was on and was aware of the purpose as it unfolded. I was also aware I had manifested it with the thought when listening to testimonies on a conference call that I really didn't have a story, because I had been relatively healthy all of my life. Two days after that thought my body started doing some detoxing through my skin. This is the path of elimination when the other organs of elimination (kidneys, lungs, liver, large intestines, and lymphatic system) are so overloaded, they can't handle it all. After two dosage increases to the Synthroid, my legs were weeping fluid, and I had severe itching or pain from edema that ended up covering more than 30% of my body. I chose not to go to a dermatologist, because it didn't make sense to me to treat a drug reaction with another drug. I found out later the drug would have been prednisone, which I would not want to put in my body. This would have suppressed symptoms for a short while, driving the problem deeper. Then it would have come back with a vengeance, I probably would have ended up in the burn unit of the hospital, and might not have survived it. I ran into someone who has SJS (I have the TEN version, since it covered more than 30% of my body) and went the dermatologist route and she validated what I had been told by relating that was what she had experienced along with the prednisone making her feel suicidal. In June, I listened to a Young Living conference call, which had Chalyce Macoskey as a last minute replacement speaker talking on SJS/TEN. At the end I told her what she was describing sounded like what I was experiencing. She said she does consulting and we went from there consulting on how to support my body so that it can heal itself via wound care, supplements, and diet changes. Slowly my body began to rebalance itself and begin to heal. I still add my own knowledge and skill set to what I get from Chalyce. I also use my own discernment to determine if something new I come across may be something beneficial to try. I take responsibility for this temple my spirit resides in and it needed some changes for me to continue to live in it. I got to meet Chalyce face-to-face at the Young Living Convention in September and she got to check my progress for herself. I am happy to report that I have graduated to consultation on an as needed basis. I look forward to seeing Chalyce at her upcoming Wellness Conference in Colorado this month where she will be talking on SJS/TEN and Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Chalyce is a leading expert and pioneer on using essential oils and nutrition for Steven Johnsons Syndrome. For the past year and a half she has researched extensively on how nutrition and the use of essential oils make drastic improvement with MRSA, Steven Johnsons Syndrome and antibiotic resistant infections. It is Chalyce's belief that now is the time to be proactive and learn how to use non-traditional remedies for families and individuals to become healthy and free of sickness and disease. She will be sharing her wisdom this October, at the Holistic Wellness Conference in Colorado, at the Copper Mountain Resort on the 25-28th. I am healing, thankfully, in great part because of her guidance and I so hope that others who might be in search of greater health, might also benefit from her wisdom.

I also think it is important to create awareness that the side effects listed in the ads or package inserts are important to take note of. Skin reaction or skin rash seemed so insignificant before I found out that I was experiencing what that really means and that it can be life threatening. For more information on SJS/TEN see the links on my links page.


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