Energy Interference Patterning (EIP)

The Energy Interference Patterning (EIP) technique is a Vibrational Healing technique developed to assist in locating and releasing low vibrational belief patterns which cause physical, emotional and spiritual disease.
Our body's communication systems have been broken down due to feelings from limiting beliefs. There is a vibrational interference pattern attached to each limiting belief, causing negative, low vibrational emotions, which affect and distort your DNA. The EIP technique re-establishes communication between all the systems and parts of the body.
When two energy waves pass the same point and are out of phase, they interact and cause an interference. An energy interference pattern occurs when thoughts and feelings interact creating a low vibrational, low wave interference that can in turn create physical or emotional imbalance.
The interference patterns are held in the physical as well as the spiritual body. There are trillions of cells in your body, and within each and every cell is the nucleus, the mastermind, for the blueprint of your life. Within each nucleus are 46 chromosomes and within each chromosome is the tightly coiled DNA. A gene is a segment of DNA. It is a well known fact that the color of your hair and eyes are stored in the memory of your DNA. But a lesser known fact is the stories, feelings and the beliefs of your ancestors are also stored in your DNA memory. The stories recorded in your DNA determine the course of your relationships, your health and your wealth. What happens to you on your life journey is a result of what is written in the life code of your DNA.

Margaret likes to describe DNA as a giant storybook. Of the 46 chapters (scientifically referred to as chromosomes) in your personal book of life, 22 chapters were handed down through your mother's lineage and 22 chapters were handed down through your father's linage. Two additional chapters are your connection to Universal Life Force, or God Code. Each chapter is made up of many stories (what scientist call our genes). There are thousands of stories programmed within each gene.

These stories involve the feelings and emotions you have experienced in your own life, as well as the experiences of your ancestors, stored in what can be called your genetic memory. The genetic memories and belief systems that make up your DNA storybook can support you in many ways, but they can also be responsible for imprinting negative patterns that keep you from living the life you want. Scientifically they now know that DNA is not a fixed code and we know we can change the codes. This technique is about reconnecting with your power to change the stories written in your genes.

Your feelings and emotions are a result of your belief systems, and cannot be separated from health, illness, body function, or life experiences. You were taught the beliefs of the families and culture you were born into. These beliefs include all the rules of society, its laws, religion, schools, government, social expectations, holidays and heritage. You learned how to focus your attention on these beliefs, and develop an addiction for them.

The EIP technique will show you how to release patterns that have been created through past life experiences, karma, trauma, birth traumas, difficult relationships, and phobias.

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